In a world where products are often seen as mere commodities, we invite you to embark on a journey that transforms the act of choosing into a celebration of artistry, creativity, and community. Welcome to Made with Love in India, a platform that redefines the way we perceive and appreciate products, one beautifully crafted creation at a time.

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Picture this: you're holding a meticulously made handicraft item, its intricate details capturing your imagination. As you marvel at the craftsmanship, a label catches your eye: "Made in India." A thought flickers – why does this label sometimes evoke uncertainty about quality, overshadowing the dedication that went into its creation? In contrast, the phrase "Made in Italy" seems to bestow an instant aura of elegance and refinement. Our journey began with a desire to change this perception. We pondered over the power of words, the resonance they hold, and the stories they tell. And thus, Made with Love in India was born – a phrase that encapsulates not just the origin of a product but the essence of passion, dedication, and the vibrant culture that it embodies.

Now, reimagine that finely crafted handicraft in your hands. As you examine it closely, a label reveals itself: "Made with love, in India." Suddenly, a warmth envelops you, and a smile finds its way to your lips. It's a label that speaks of something more – of the heart and soul poured into every creation, of the dreams of artisans and entrepreneurs who dare to dream big. Our platform celebrates this transformative power of language and perception. We believe that a simple shift in perspective can brighten someone's day, inspire change, and remind us all that every choice we make has an impact.

Championing local makers

Made with Love in India isn't just about products; it's about people. We're dedicated to shining a spotlight on the countless talented artisans, creators, and entrepreneurs who breathe life into their visions. With each creation, they infuse a piece of themselves into their work, enriching our lives and communities. By choosing products from our platform, you become a patron of creativity, a supporter of dreams, and an advocate for the vibrancy of local economies. You contribute to a narrative that extends beyond products – one that tells stories of resilience, innovation, and the spirit of entrepreneurship that defines India.

Every time you see the Made with Love in India badge, let it be a reminder of the stories it carries – of artisans' dedication, dreams turned into reality, and the collective effort that powers our nation's growth. We invite you to explore our platform, discover exceptional products, and become a part of a movement that's redefining how we perceive quality, value, and the impact of our choices. In embracing the Made with Love in India philosophy, you become a catalyst for change. You become a supporter of creators, a contributor to communities, and a bearer of a legacy that intertwines innovation with tradition. Together, let's celebrate the heart of India – one product, one choice, and one story at a time.

A decade of impact

I (Anand) came up with the Made with Love in India initiative in April 2013 in Kechala, Odisha, and asked all the founders I knew to add the badge on their products, quickly creating a website to list them. This simple list evolved into a badge of honor worn by some great books, t-shirts, software, and everything in between. Our journey has been more than just products – it's been about shaping narratives, challenging stereotypes, and inspiring change. The shift from Made in India to Made with Love in India represents not just a linguistic distinction, but a paradigm shift in how we perceive value, quality, and the impact of our choices. It's been a decade of sparking conversations, fostering pride, and reminding us all of the remarkable potential within our nation's borders.

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